Northern Federation


Our uniform consists of:

Grey trousers, shorts, skirt or dress.

White Polo-shirt, shirt or blouse.

In the summer yellow or green gingham check dresses can be worn.

Teal green sweatshirt or cardigan. You can purchase a sweatshirt or cardigan with our logo on directly from Skoolkit, although these are not compulsary. Skoolkit

PE Kit is worn to school on the day of PE (parents are informed of this at the start of term). 

Dark joggers or shorts (navy/black/grey)

White t-shirt or house coloured t-shirt (yellow, blue, green, red).


Parents are able to sell good quality second hand uniform through 'Grown Out Of It'. A company who aim to help families buy and sell unwanted childrens items, save money on school necessities and to help support local schools. Grown Out Of It