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Starting in Year R September 2023 - Pupil Page

Goody Bag collection day is Friday 9th June!

Once you have collected your goody bag you will know if you are in Giraffe class or Tiger class!

Each week your teacher will leave a new video here for you to watch, to go with the things in your bag! 

Starting School with Spike!

Take a look around the school and see what a day is like with our friend Spike 

Week 3

This week it’s time to open your robot envelope!

Week 2

This week it’s time to open your scroll. We would like to learn All About You! Bring your completed posters with you to your tour on July 5th.

Week 1

Time to meet your teacher! Enjoy a story with your new teacher, all about your class animal.


Make sure your grown up sends us a photo of you in your mask! 

Please send all photos to ready for our classroom display.